Find Your Fit

Who can benefit:

What is Avlfitguide:

Anyone searching for a "fit family"​

Visitors/tourists looking for a place to
get their sweat on while in town

Anyone looking to socialize at a 
community fitness event
And overall offer the option to explore
new opportunites to enrich overall
Avlfitguide makes staying fit easier with offering a direct
connection to workout facilities and a community fitness calendar in Asheville.​​

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What got me started:

Crossfit female walking with kettle bells
About 4 years ago, I left my gym and started working out at home but I still wanted to get out in the group setting to socialize and challenge myself with something new.

While doing research I came across 2 problems :

1. There wasn't a central place I could go to learn about all the different types of workout spots in the area

2. There was no community calendar to list free fitness events

Therefore, avlfitguide was created to be the fitness hub for the Asheville area! 

​*if you have feedback on what you might like to see on this site, shoot me an email